2020 Bible Reading Plan

This reading plan is designed to take you through the Bible (not every chapter and verse, but a comprehensive overview) in one year. Each day’s reading is limited to 1-2 chapters and each week is limited to 5 days, which allows for 2 days of catching up on what you might have missed. The plan is designed this way so that you can slow down and think about what you are reading. As you read, consider what God is saying through His Word and how you can apply it to your life. Spend a few minutes in prayer before and after you read. We are excited about what God will do in your life through His Word in 2020.
January 6-10

Genesis 1-2
Genesis 3-4
Genesis 6-7
Genesis 8-9
Job 1-2

January 13-17

Job 38-39
Job 40-42
Genesis 11-12
Genesis 15
Genesis 16-17

January 20-24

Genesis 18-19
Genesis 20-21
Genesis 22
Genesis 24
Genesis 25-26

January 27-31

Genesis 27-28
Genesis 29-30:24
Genesis 31-32
Genesis 33, 35
Genesis 37