Growth Groups (Bible Studies)

A Growth Group, simply put, is a group of people who gather on a regular basis at the church campus or at homes around the valley for the purpose of connecting with God and each other. Some of our groups are as small as 4 or 5, while some are as large as 45. We have a group for most stages of life including children and students. God does not want us to do life alone. In a Growth Group, we go through the ups and downs of life with one another. We learn how to live the Christian life and grow in our practice of God’s truth.

Bible Studies are in-person and via Zoom depending on the class.

Due to the social distancing recommendations, please sign up for the ones offered. If there is no sign up sheet, please contact the Church office and we will get you in touch with the group leader.

Mixed Adults

Sunday Mornings 9:30AM
– Led by Jay Adelstone 

Sunday Mornings 9:30AM
Room 103
– Led by Andy Danevicius

Through The Bible
Wednesday Afternoons 1:30PM
Rooms 101-103 & Zoom
– Led by Pastor Byron Fielder

Living By The Book
Wednesday Nights 6PM
The Chapel & Live-streamed
– Led by Pastor David Mann

Mature Christianity: by Mark Schonebaum
Wednesday Nights 6PM
Room 100
– Led by Kyle Woodall

Book of John
Friday Nights 5PM
Via Zoom
– Led by David Mann

Couples Bible Study
Friday Nights 5:30PM
Member’s Home
– Led by Andrew Byrd & Michael Pacini


Sunday Mornings 9:15AM
Student Center & Zoom
– Led by Andrea Robinson

One Year through the Bible
Sunday Mornings 11AM
Room 10-11
Led by Eunice Jones

Path Walkers:
Psalm 23: The Shepherd with Me: By Jennifer Rothchild
Tuesday Nights: 6-8PM – Student Center
Wednesday Mornings – 12:30-2:30PM – Zoom
Thursday Mornings 9:30-11:30AM – Student Center

Precept Upon Precept
Romans Part 4
***Starts May 10th, 11th & 12th***
Monday Mornings 8:30AM-10:30AM led by Victoria England – In Person Room 100
Tuesday Nights 6-7PM led by Carrie MacDougall – Zoom
Wednesday Nights 6-7PM led by Terri Jupin – In Person Room 10-11
Book Cost: $18


Tuesday Nights 6PM
Room 13-14
Led by Andy Danevicius

Thursday Nights 6:30PM
Room 10-11
Led by Jim Vodicka


Summit A.M. (6th – 12th Grades)
Sunday Mornings 11AM
Room 13-14

Awana: Trek (7th – 9th Grades)
Tuesday Nights 6-7:30PM
Room 13
Led by Stormie Washington

Awana: Journey (10th – 12th Grades)
Tuesday Nights 6-7:30PM
Room 14
Led by Miranda Bridgeforth


The Book of John (Mixed Adults)
Friday Nights 7PM
Student Center – Led by Pastor Gerardo Salazar

Gideon by Priscilla Shirer (Women)
Sunday Afternoons 1PM
Student Center – Led by Angelina Salazar